Check out and download the new Street Fighter logo. Street Fighter is a series of video games to fight the company created by Japanese software Capcom, whose fame was increased from the year 1991 when he left the Street Fighter II (previously the company already enjoyed great popularity thanks to arcade games such as Ghouls’ n Ghosts, Strider, Final Fight, etc.) already since 1987 when the first part of this saga play enjoyed great popularity in the arcades (arcade, Coin-op or “slot machines”) having thousands of fans around the world and also was an excellent game for its time.

street fighter logo

However, it was its sequel that caused a real revolution, leading to a new golden age of computer gaming. It sold several million copies of the cartridge and CD systems in consoles worldwide household and followed multiple versions of it (some of them quite rare and of doubtful origin).

The fighting games are all 1 vs 1 (at most 2 vs 2 in the case of X-Men vs. Street Fighter, but not simultaneous, 2 vs 1 in some versions simultaneous alpha and marvel vs capcom ex and 3), gender fighting this saga was the pioneer in using combinations of buttons to get out the special moves, such as pressing two buttons at once or use the lever or diagonal in the case of consoles with the crosshead.

It is also essential to make “combos” (several consecutive hits to rival no chance that this can be protected, “combo” comes from the combination), with each delivery game features were refined and expanded. Street Fighter II had as a new primary can choose any character to fight and not just the protagonists, in the first Street Fighter could only choose Ryu or Ken (Player 1 and Player 2 respectively), and fight a rival controlled by the CPU, which was very limited in gameplay.

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Street Fighter Logo and its Features

Street Fighter logo is one of the fancy logos you have ever seen. As Street Fighter is a video game the logo of the game has been created keeping it in mind. Instead of making a logo with professional fonts, the company has used a customized font which looks like an artwork.

As for its features, the Street Fighter logo is made of only text without any icon which we generally see on logos. The company uses different color tweaks but it primarily uses a blend of orange and red color to give it a flame-like view. The company tweaks this color combination depending upon the place where it uses this logo.

Street Fighter has a wide variety of logo versions that the company changes with the next version of the game. As of now, Street Fighter V is the latest version of the game that has a completely revamped logo which you can see below.

As for the Street Fighter font, there is no exact font available that is used on this logo. And so, it looks like the company has used a customized font on this logo. However, there’s a font designed by Knackpack Studio which is very similar to the font used on the Street Fighter logo.

Download the Official Logo

If you are looking to download the official Street Fighter logo, you can download the vector version of the logo right from the image attached below.

street fighter 2 logo