The Hunger Games Logo – The Hunger Games is a dystopian novel trilogy of the American writer Suzanne Collins . It is published in German translation at Oetinger Verlag. The country’s name derives from Panem saying ” Panem and circuses “(Latin for” bread and circuses “), the Roman poet Juvenal off. In the original published novels between 2008 and 2010. A film adaptation of the first volume was in 2012 under the title The Hunger – The Hunger Games published.

The Hunger Games takes place in an unspecified future date, after North America by natural disasters , wars and man’s impact has been largely destroyed. From the rubble emerged the dictatorial country Panem, which originally ruling from the rich Capitol and 13 surrounding poorer districts existed. Finally, it was because of the increasing exploitation of the people to revolt against the inhabitants of the district capitol. The efforts of the residents failed, and the Capitol won the war against the districts, with District 13 was completely destroyed. As a reminder for future generations, the government introduced the so-called Hunger Games one to remember for the districts because they are the powers of government without any protection.

Each year will be drawn from each of the twelve districts of a girl and a boy between the ages of 12 and 18 years, the so-called Tribute, which is in an open-air arena need to fight to the death until only a tribute remains. The games will be televised throughout Panem transferred and the inhabitants of the districts are forced to celebrate the Hunger Games as a celebration. Before the games begin, a car parade to find Training Center Tribute, held an interview and a 3-day training with the other tributes. After the training sessions are individual sessions conducted and the playmaker estimate the chance of winning any tribute on a scale of one to twelve. Due to the above events to try the tribute sponsors to convince themselves that they can give expensive gifts in the arena, such as food or medicine to increase their chance of survival. In the arena, the Tribute is finally exposed to metal plates arranged in a circle, whose center is a cornucopia of lies. The Tribute at the beginning have a minute to find their way into the arena. During this period the tribute not leave the metal plates, otherwise they will be blown up by mines in the air. After this minute, they can supply themselves with cornucopia and the surrounding area with equipment. This can be both weapons as well as food and medicines. Since these items will be fought for very hard especially in the beginning, many already in Startgemetzel Tribute die around the horn of plenty. If the playmaker and the Capitol to find the games boring, they force the tribute to the actions by various battles. Each tribute is a cannon shot dead in the evening and a picture of the deceased person appears in the sky, so do the living tribute, who has been killed.