The japaneese version of Dreamcast logo was orage because they consider that lucky in their culture. Dreamcast is the seventh and final video game console produced by Sega, was developed in cooperation with Hitachi and Microsoft. The Dreamcast is the successor to the Sega Saturn and was launched to gain ground on the Playstation from Sony and Nintendo 64 for Nintendo, and compete with the successors to these systems. It belongs to the sixth generation of consoles. Stopped production in March 2001 following the decision of Sega of dedicated exclusively to video game programming.

Its main features are its GD-ROM optical drive and processor Hitachi. The system was the first to provide a modem to play online. This set of games was intended to recapture the market lost to PlayStation from Sony and thus win back lost reputation with Sega Saturn. Was fitted to the console of an optical drive that handles a special optical disc format called GD-ROM and finally the design was targeted for online gaming as Xbox (console later). The console was well received in its first-day opening but Sega’s booming recalls because the company was suffering from internal problems and economic.
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In 1997, Sega Saturn was struggling in major markets like North America, Japan, and Europe but with little success, so the president of Sega America, Bernie Stolar, announced the first rumors of a successor to Sega Saturn would eventually become the Dreamcast. In 1997, at E3, Bernie Stolar made ​​public his opinion that “The Saturn is not our future” (Saturn is not our future), referring to the console and has no future.

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Sega Dreamcast Logo and its Features

Sega Dreamcast logo is one of the most interesting logos that you have ever seen. Since Sega Dreamcast is a video game console, the company has designed its logo attractive and appealing to the gamers with a simple illustration. Although this logo might look quite weird to you, it has a deep meaning that resembles the brand. 

Dreamcast logo comprises of two elements, a swirl, and the brand’s name just which is placed just below the swirl. The most interesting fact about this logo is, the company changes the swirl colour depending on the region of its availability. In the beginning, the company used an orange swirl in its logo which indicates the “origin or power”. Later on, the company changes its swirl colour to Red as an American version of the logo. While in the European region, the company uses a blue swirl in its logo.

As for the Sega Dreamcast logo font, it is still a mystery which font the company used in this logo. However, it is similar to the Segan font. Well, the company offers this logo in vector format to be used digitally on its products or on its website. So, you can easily find the vector or transparent version of the Sega Dreamcast logo in PNG format.

Download the Official Logo

If you are looking over to download the Sega Dreamcast logo, you can download it from here itself in PNG format.

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