Korean Air logo

Korea’s largest airline Korean headquartered in the city of Seoul. Considered among the most prominent of Asia, operates connections to Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania and North America, in addition, to start operations soon to Peru from its international hub at Incheon International Airport, South Korea and its domestic hub at Gimpo International Airport. The company competes for his position as the country’s flag carrier Asiana Airlines, with a fewer fleet.

Korean Air Logo

The company started in 1962 in replacement of the former national airline of the country with destinations to Hong Kong, Taiwan and the United States. Currently, a member of the alliance SkyTeam has been improving its fleet and services which has won several international awards for excellence. 

The airline was founded in 1962 under the name of Korean Air Lines (KAL) for the State completely public Korean capital, it replaced the old flag of the country areolínea, Korean National Airlines. For the year 1969 is acquired by the transport group Hajin by what happens at the hands of private capital.
Korean Air LogoThe painting was designed jointly by Korean Air and Boeing. In 1986 the company became the first airline to use the new MD-11 to supplement their Boeing 747-400, however, the aircraft did not meet the requirements for the company as the MD-11 aircraft were converted into charge in conjunction with the Boeing 747 freighters.

KAL operated major international routes to Hong Kong, Taiwan and Los Angeles using aircraft Boeing 707 to the inclusion in 1973 of the Boeing 747, one of the aircraft used by the airline that year, the airline introduced the aircraft on its routes Pacific and began to operate service to Europe using the above plus B 707 DC-10 bound for Paris. The airline was the first to acquire aircraft Airbus outside Europe.

Korean Air Logo Symbol

Korean Air Logo

The Korean Air logo is the combination of the company’s name and the letter ‘O’ in ‘Korean’ forms the symbol of the brand. The symbol of the brands represents a Yin-Yan and has chosen its national flag for the symbol. The White color inside the Yin-Yan is a moving propeller which represents the dynamic nature of the brand.

The brand uses mostly blue color and that makes it look elegant and give a sophisticated look.

Korean Air Logo Fonts

Korean Air Logo

The font used in the official logo of the company has been designed by Patricia Saunders and is very similar to Arial Bold. The color used is blue and the letter ‘O’ form the symbol of the company representing Yin-Yan and the dynamic nature of the brand.

Korean Air Logo Emblem

Korean Air Logo Icon

The Emblem of the company represents Yin-Yan and the color used is blue and red which also represents the national flag of Korea and the white color inside the emblem form a propeller which depicts the dynamic nature of the company.