Airbus Logo – Airbus SAS , also known as Airbus simply pan-European aerospace company, is the second largest manufacturer of aircraft and aerospace equipment in the world . It was created in 2001 in Toulouse , France , as a SAS (simplified joint stock company, the French : Société par Actions simplifiée ). He was previously a consortium called Airbus Industrie , which was not involved in the manufacturing process of the planes, but simply to coordinate the design process and sale.

The four assembly lines of Airbus are in Toulouse , France , (2 production lines), Hamburg , Germany , (1 line), and a fourth line for the Airbus A400M in Seville , Spain . Operational since 2006. Airbus also has several plants in different European cities reflecting its foundation as a consortium of different companies. An original solution to the problem of transport of the different parts between the various assembly plants is the use of Beluga , capable of carrying entire sections of the fuselage of an Airbus. This solution has led to the creation, from a 747 , a mega-freighter known as the Boeing 747 LCF Dreamlifter to transport components 787 . An exception to this scheme is the A380, whose fuselage and wings are too big to fit in the Beluga. These parts are transported by ship to Bordeaux and then by road to the plant in Toulouse.

America is an important region for Airbus in terms of aircraft sales and parts. 2,000 of approximately 5,300 total sold by Airbus jets purchased by U.S. customers. According to Airbus, contracts held by U.S. 120,000 jobs and a business estimated $ 5.5 billion (2003).