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Time is a magazine of general information that is published weekly in the United States of America since 1923. Is a publication that also has several editions in various parts of the world. European Time Europe is published in London, Asian in Hong Kong, the Canadian in Toronto and finally the issue for the South Pacific in Sydney. In some of their advertising campaigns, the company has suggested that his name means Today Information Means Everything, which roughly translates Today information is everything. His style is similar to Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report. Below is the Time Magazine logo.

time magazine logo

Its first issue appeared on March 3 of 1923, rather than its current competitors, making it the first weekly general country information. It was founded by Briton Hadden and Henry Luce, who had worked together previously in the American Yale University, as members of Skull & Bones. Following enrichment Hadden (he was the richest girl in the world) and being away from the world of journalism, Henry Luce became the most important man in the publication and one of the most important figures in the history of media in the twentieth century.

Hadden printed carefree character to the tone of the magazine, which is still criticized by some sectors that they deem inappropriate for serious news. Time includes an important section on the social life and entertainment industry. The magazine People was originally inspired in that section. After the assassination of Kennedy, he bought the film of his murder, leaving it unavailable to the public until much later.
Time Magazine Logo

The magazine sparked controversy in the summer of 1994: When OJ Simpson was arrested, many publications took the photograph taken at the station just after his arrest. Time also published this photograph but manipulated the skin where the defendant is obscured and nameplate reduced. This provoked protests from some groups of human rights. The illustrator Matt Mahurin, who was responsible for this alteration in the image, said later that he wanted to make it more artistic “I wanted to make it more artful [sic], more compelling.”

time magazine logo wallpaper

Since 1989 the weekly is part of Time Warner, a group that was created by the merger of Time and Warner Communications. In 2000 the magazine happens to be owned by AOL Time Warner changed the name to Time Warner in 2003. In February 2012, for the first time ever, the weekly published its main headline cover story in Spanish. The phrase “I decide”, the number in question, intended to illustrate the growing importance of the electorate Hispanic in the presidential election of the United States.

Time Magazine Logo and its Features

Being one of the biggest publishers, Time Magazine has a simple but distinguished logo that makes the brand stand out from the crowd. As it is a publication company, they didn’t opt for a logo that has some fancy font and icon, instead, they have gone with a simple logo that speaks about the brand itself. 

Time Magazine Logo is made of a single element – the brand name with a simple font. However, the company tweaks its font regularly on different platforms as a motive to renew the copyrights of the brand name. It uses a simple red color with a transparent background.
Time Magazine Logo

Time Magazine has revamped its font from the beginning to make its brand name look bold and clear. Until the early 90s, Time Magazine uses a quite slim font, however, the company made numerous changes until now to make the logo tall and sleek. 

As for the usage, Time Magazine uses its logo digitally on its digital magazine that comes with a transparent logo mostly in PNG format. You can watch the latest Time Magazine logo right below.

Download the Official Logo

Time Magazine logo is available to download in PNG format that has a transparent background. So, you can download it right from this page.

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