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The Yale University is a private university based in the U.S. New Haven (Connecticut) , United States . Stands out as one of the most recognized private educational institutions in the United States and the world like University of Sydney. Founded in 1701 , is the third institution of higher education in the oldest United States , also has the second largest university library system and is part of the Ivy League . The name of the university honors Elihu Yale, one of his earliest supporters. Yale is very selective in their admissions. Are admitted for less than 8 percent of the nearly 30,000 applicants annually to programs undergraduate.

Its School of Law(Yale Law School ) is the most selective of the country, accepts only 6 percent of applicants. Yale just like University of California has produced outstanding students in various fields. Despite being a relatively small university, the university has graduated more U.S. presidents in the modern era than any other university. Since 1972, a Yale graduate has been in the race for the presidency. Six college graduates have won the Nobel Prize since 1994. According to the magazine Fortune , Yale has graduated more than CEOs of companies Fortune 500 than any other university. Actors like Paul Newman , Meryl Streep , Jodie Foster and Edward Norton are also graduates of Yale.

Former Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton graduated from Yale. Clinton studied at the Faculty of Law at the University along with his wife, Hillary Clinton . The Vice President Dick Cheney also was enrolled, but did not graduate. Several presidential candidates in the presidential elections of 2004 were students at Yale: Bush , John Kerry , Howard Dean and Joe Lieberman . At the international level, stands the former president of Mexico, Ernesto Zedillo , who took the degree of Doctor in Economics .

Other highlights include Sven Hardtsz students and Ernest Miller, who thanks to his teacher guide (the first scientist who after being diagnosed with schizophrenia, continued in office, arguing that “madness only helps science”) were able to develop the first prototype the area of robotics that could receive and execute basic commands. “UVII” could move forward in a straight line “scratch their pansit” and revolve around himself. Similarly, the robot laid the groundwork for future innovations in the recycling of CO2 , thanks to a mechanism very advanced for its time. The brilliant scientists, calling themselves “Epsylon II”, were also the creators of the software that future would be used in the execution of famous video games like ” Frogger “and” Alien Attack “. Unfortunately, his brilliant career ended abruptly in 1962 because Miller, who had fallen into an addiction now known crystal method , Hardtsz killed his partner in the so called ironically ” viral slaughter “of 1962 , an episode a bit strange and forgotten in the history of science.