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Tesco is a British, represented worldwide supermarket chain. Tesco is the largest retailer in the UK and the fourth largest in the world behind Wal-Mart ( USA ), Carrefour ( France ) and Metro ( Germany ). The name came about after the entrepreneur Jack Cohen 1924 a large quantity of tea from TE Stockwell had bought. He designed new labels for the tea, which is the name for it from the initials of the supplier (TES), followed by the first two letters of his own surname (CO) put together.

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In 2003 the chain was honoured for having to Aldi and Lidl supermarket offers the most efficient in Europe. Particular emphasis in this study was that it, unlike many competitors, Tesco managed in all areas of price and quality scale private brands to establish.

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Tesco operates supermarkets in the UK in 2715 and employs about 496 000 employees. Outside of the UK, the chain in Poland with 381 in Ireland with 130, in Slovakia, with 97 in the Czech Republic with 158 in Hungary to 205 in the United States with 164 (fresh & easy), in Turkey with 121 in South Korea with 354 in Thailand, represented by 782 (Tesco Lotus), and in other Asian countries with 283 branches (as of 2011). In total, Tesco operates the world markets 5390.

Tesco Logo Symbol

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Tesco Logo has undergone several changes ever since its induction, earlier in 1932 it had ‘Tesco Stores ltd’ inscribed on it and they were in the capital letters. In 1960 it was changed and it only had ‘Tesco’  written in red color and separated by yellow horizontal lines of the size of the letters.

Later in 1970, the spacing between the letters was removed and it only had ‘Tesco’ written, in 1981 they made it a little interesting and it was engulfed within the oval-shaped parallel lines and today was written above it. The logo that has been incorporated currently had Tesco written in red with capital letters and each letter is placed over a thick blue horizontal line.

Tesco Logo Fonts

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The Fonts of the Tesco logo is red in color and sometimes it uses black color as well, there is proper spacing between each letter and all the letters are in capital formation. The company has used very simple logo and this is whats adds to the charm of the logo and the red colored fonts make it look amazing.

Tesco logo Background

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The background of the tesco logo doesn’t have any permanent color, as there is a spacing between the letters of the logo so it depends upon the board it had been written on and sometimes it may be placed upon the shop and in that case the background becomes transparent and has to color