During the entire journey of the brand, the company has tweaked the Smirnoff logo multiple times depending upon their services and their demand in the market. In 1860, the company started by the logo that has two elements – a brand name and an emblem. As this brand was originated in Russia and the eagles in the symbol are facing East and West which is the geographic location of the country.

In 2004 Vodka formed a new blend in the UK and Canada and it was named as Smirnoff Penka but from 2007 they stopped making this Blend in the UK


Later on, in 1940, the brand removed the symbol and only stayed with the label that has the brand name. Then in 1978, the company again added an emblem to its logo with a bird with open wings and the brand name. And finally, the company settled in 2001 with the two silver crowned eagles and the brand name on it. The logo now looks very fancy and modern. The silver cover in the ribbon symbolises the purity of the brand. As the eagle is the symbol of flying at a higher altitude and this is what makes the brand stand higher.

smirnoff wallpaper smirnoff wallpaper

Smirnoff logo symbolizes the company’s value that promotes the best quality vodka from the company. The logo shows two crowned eagles right at the front of each other which shows the accuracy in the quality of the vodka that the company sells. In 1860 when the company was formed the logo did not have crowned eagles, the logo had a name Smirnoff inscribed on the top of the logo and Vodka written at the bottom side. The current design of the logo has two eagles facing away from each other and are sharing the single crown and the wings are not detailed and are straight.

Smirnoff Logo Font

Smirnoff logo

Just like most of the brands, the Smirnoff logo uses a custom typeface to make the logo unique from other brands. However, the custom typeface is based on a Humanist sans serif font. All the letters are capitalized to make the brand name look bolder.

Smirnoff Logo Color/Background
Smirnoff logo

It uses Red and Silver color combinations which is very striking and eye-catching. The Eagles and the brand ribbon is in Red while the brand name is in Silver. The company has chosen the color combination as per their brand’s values. Silver color represents purity while the Red color shows strength and trust.