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Well, if you want to download the original logo of Sephora, you can download its vector logo right attached below.

For any brand or company, the logo or brand icon is one of the essential things to make its presence in the market. A logo conveys the message to the customers about what the brand is. And when it comes to the beauty industry, it is vital to have a brand icon that delivers the appropriate message to the customers about the brand. This is something that the Sephora logo has.

sephora logo at its makeup and skincare items

Sephora stores offer a wide array of beauty products ( Sephora Makeup) across different corners of the world. This beauty brand has represented more than 300 brands along with its own label in their journey. All of its products have a unique logo on it that differentiates them from others. So, what this logo conveys? How it made? What’s the history behind the company? Read on to get answers to these questions.

Sephora Logo – Meaning, History, Founder’s Details


Sephora logo png old Logo version 1969

Dominique Mandonnaud earlier founded Sephora as Shop 8 in 1969 when there wasn’t much haul about cosmetics. The idea behind the foundation of Shop 8 was to try before buying. He wanted people first to try the product and then buy on their judgment.

In 1997, Shop 8 was taken by Moet Hennessey Louis Vuitton and was rebranded as Sephora. Just after that, in 1998,  the company opened its first store in New York, United States. After that, the company started to expand its reach across the world.

The word Sephora is the combination of two Greek words – “Sephos” means “beauty” and “Zipporah,” which is one of Moses’ wives’ names. That is what Sephora conveys from its logo and services.

Sephora Logo and its Features

Sephora logo meaning

The logo of the company might not look attractive at first sight, but it does say everything about its brand. Sephora logo comprises of two elements – a flame-shaped “S” and the brand’s name below it. Both of them indicate the brand they are related to. The flame symbol is sometimes interpreted as a slim female body that represents beauty.

This logo is in simple black and white color with text and design in white and background with black. The color combination makes the logo look elegant and fantastic. It also shows simplicity and dedication towards the quality they offer.

The font used in the logo is Sans Serif that offers a minimal and bright look. Simple text makes it easier for people to recognize the brand’s name. The spacing between the letters is entirely justified, which makes the brand name stood at the front.


Sephora Logo with Flame Symbol