Revlon logo 
Revlon is a US-based company with headquarters in New York City. The company manufactures various cosmetic products. The company’s 6,800 employees. President and CEO, Alan T. Ennis. The company was founded in 1932 by Joseph and Charles Revson and Charles Lachman and he contributed the letter ‘L’ in the brand’s name Revlon.

Initially, the company started selling lipsticks in 1932 and later on they started expanding their business. The first brand ambassador of Revlon was  Lauren Hutton.

Revlon Logo

Since the beginning of the brand, Revlon made several fine changes in the logo. However, the only major changes that the brand does in its logo is the change of typeface of the logo. Until 2003, Revlon was using Serif typeface in its font, but with the beginning of 2003, the company switched to sans-serif typeface.

Revlon’s magazine ads were hand made and were generally black and white and it was in 1945 when they started using colored photographs in their magazines. The company used the word fire in their ‘Fire and Ice’ ads. 

Apart from this, the brand has been tweaking the logo’s color throughout its journey. During 1989-2003, Revlon introduced a new red color to its logo with a special 3D gold version of its logo that has 3D effects. However, that 3D gold version lasted for a limited time and then was removed from the pallet.

Revlon Professional Logo

Revlon Logo SymbolRevlon Logo

Revlon Logo symbolizes its brand value that is fashion and beauty. The logo of the company looks very simple but stylish with the customized typeface in letter O to give it an elegant look. The symbols look beautiful on the black surface.  

Revlon Logo Font
Revlon Logo

The font that Revlon uses is Times Sans Serif. However, the company has tweaked this logo a bit to give it a unique look. The ‘L’ and ‘O’ letter has been combined to give it a stylish look. The fonts used in the logo is easy to recognise. 
The company also uses three-dimensional gold inscription which they use in digital material and applications. In the beginning, the fonts of the Revlon logo was in cursive letters.

Revlon Logo Color/Background

Revlon uses a fairly simple color combination which we don’t see in most of the brands. Revlon uses Black and White color combination with the brand name in Black and background in White. Apart from this, the brand also uses a Red and white color combination with the brand name in Red and background in White.