Seattle Mariners Logo – The Seattle Mariners are a deductible of baseball of Major League Baseball located in Seattle. They evolve in the Western Division of the American League. The Mariners played since 1999 at Safeco Field, 47,116- seat chamber. The Mariners have never won the title, and remains one of the current training of MLB to have never played the World Series. Society Japanese video game Nintendo is the majority shareholder of the franchise since 1992 after having spent more than $ 125 million.

The creation of this franchise follows the trial between the authorities of the city of Seattle and MLB about the move of the Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee in 1970. The trial was ongoing in 1976 when the MLB proposed to terminate the proceedings creating a new franchise in Seattle.

The Mariners play their first game April 6, 1977 in a Kingdome full display: 57 762 spectators. The enthusiasm was not maintained and the average spectator is capped at 16,525 during the inaugural season. The results are, indeed, disappointing with 64 victories to 98 defeats. Fans must wait until 1991 to see their favorites complement a positive season (83-79) and 1995 for winning the West Division title, opening the way for a nice set of Mariners. They compete for the division title race each year until 2003 inclusive and remove the pennant in 1997 and 2001.

They also reached the final American League in 2000 via the wild card assigned to the second best. The New York Yankees Mariners quit the course in six games. In 2001, the same Yankees eliminate the M’s in five games. The 2001 season is in the record books with 116 victories accumulated in the regular season record of its kind in MLB. With such results, the crowds quadrupled from 10,044 in 1984 to 43,740 in 2002. Since 2004 , the Mariners clearly marked and not the negative sign three seasons (63-99 in 2004, 69-93 in 2005 and 78-84 in 2006) before registering a positive season in 2007 (88-74).