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PlayStation Portable or PSP is a handheld game console of the multinational of origin Japan, Sony Computer Entertainment, for games and multimedia. Was launched on December 12, 2004 in Japan. The review PSP “slim” console was launched in September 2007. In August 2008, is released for sale the PSP-3000.

playstation portable logo

The self-styled “game system portable station” is a console with internal memory, memory card slot, optical disc player, TV-out, the screen in widescreen (16:9) of 4 inches with a definition of 480 × 272 pixels, capable of displaying 16,770,000 colours color range also features integrated stereo speakers, ability to play various media formats such as MP4 video, listen to your music while playing games like Grand Theft Auto bestsellers Liberty City Stories or Grand

Theft Auto Vice City Stories, feature MP3, video recorder, photo viewer, integrated microphone, USB 2.0, wireless, Internet access, 3D games, lithium battery, accessories (depending on the version ). Today, this device can perform many of the functions of a video game console, a desktop computer, mobile phone art: movies, games, surf the Internet, play audio files, etc.

The PSP had changed the trend to make more and more small portable devices, taking to market a console with a larger screen that is getting better enjoy the games. Competition with Nintendo DS games is damped by using the stylus on the touch screen on the DS and PSP voice recognition and multiplayer games via Wi-Fi. Homebrew applications have increased competition between the two: Can take photos and edit them, make animations and upload them to internet and play music and 3D gaming and multimedia entertainment in the form of music.
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While the Nintendo DS there are hundreds of useful applications and very creative, PSP has unofficial applications that benefit from enhanced techniques together, offers the PSP. Both consoles have led to a very lucrative business of selling accessories online unofficial, popular web pages on consoles, funded by advertising or sponsors and speciality shops. The interface used to access all the sections, features and content from the PlayStation Portable called XMB and is a powerful operating system that Sony has included their own devices, since the PlayStation 3 to video players, high-definition Bravia TVs.

Playstation Portable Logo Symbol

PlayStation Portable logo

Despite being very simple the PlayStation Portable Logo is very graceful in looks. The company has incorporated a very simple logo and this logo was designed in 1994 by Manabu Sakamoto a Japanese designer.

The Symbol has a simple PSP written in an eye-catching way and represents the brand’s name in different graphics.

PlayStation Portable Font

PlayStation Portable logo

The color of the font in PlayStation Portable logo is white and the logo has only PSP written in caps lock as a brand’s name.

PlayStation Portable Logo Emblem

psp logo png


The doesn’t have any particular emblem of its own. The just consists of the name of the brand in a very classy and eye-catching way.