Wikiversity is a sister project of Wikipedia whose goal is to build a virtual learning platform free of charge, with philosophy wiki and forming part of the Wikimedia Foundation.

This project will develop materials and teaching resources (including exams, practical exercises, case studies, etc.), And form study groups at various educational levels. The materials have created a Creative Commons license of type “Attribution-Share Alike” to be freely redistributable. In early 2011, the Spanish Wikiversity has 983 articles.

wikiversity logo

wikiversity logo

Housed initially in Wiktionary, started several versions in different languages without official approval. In the English version, some users proposed deletion. This accelerated the process of discussion to try to create an autonomous project of Wikibooks.

A vote on Meta showed that the proposal was supported by a majority of users. However, a significant group of skeptics said his doubts, criticisms, and fears. For example, Wikimedia projects, especially Wikibooks, are not yet developed enough to accommodate something of this magnitude.

Some also criticized the content of Wikiversity overlap with those of Wikibooks and Wikiversity that would require software that currently lacks MediaWiki and there seemed no developer willing to implement these changes to the software.

The Board decided not to approve the project until they were modified some aspects of the proposed vision. After lengthy discussions and with the help of a subcommittee established by the Foundation to define more clearly the aims of this proposal, we developed a modified proposal.

With this second proposal, Jimmy Wales announced at the opening of Wikimania 2006 in May that the Board of Directors of the Foundation had approved the creation of this project.