Microsoft Windows 7 is an operating system from Microsoft. It was published on 22 October 2009 and the next version of Microsoft Windows Vista. While the company an operating system version, code-named Longhorn developed, which later was released as Windows Vista, Microsoft first began under the code name Blackcomb, from 2006 as Vienna, the development of subsequent versions. In October 2008, the manufacturer name for Windows 7 is known as the successor of Windows Vista system.

windows 7 logo

windows 7 logo

The first pre-release was on 28 September 2008 to the participants of the PDC distributed. At the Consumer Electronics Show 2009, on 7 Began in January, was a beta version today officially opened for MSDN and TechNet members, and then on 9 January, the public, available for download (build 7000).

Following the success of the download, Microsoft had to shut down due to server overload in the meantime, to expand the technical infrastructure. The download limit of 2.5 million downloads were subsequently canceled and the availability of software to 24 Set in January. One day before the end of the period was extended, thus could download the beta to 10 Started in February and to 12 February 2009 ended.

In the first beta phase only was Ultimate edition that includes all the features of the operating system, available for download. MSDN subscription holder and Microsoft Connect members also had access other editions, such as Home and Professional . The term of (activated) beta version until 1 August 2009 is limited. According to the Beta 1 was followed by no further public beta version.

It followed the release candidate , build number 7100, which on 30 April for TechNet and MSDN subscribers and on 5 May 2009 appeared to the public. The duration of the (activated) was limited to 1 release candidate March 2010. After this date, drove the operating system automatically shut down every two hours. Since early June 2010 refused the release candidate to start for good. On 15 July 2009, Windows 7 Home Premium offered in a sale action at a special price of 50 € in highly limited numbers, it was in Germany mostly sold out within minutes.

On 22 July 2009, the completion of the operating system, where known, the internally at Microsoft on 13 Compiled in July 2009 and on 22 July 2009 after successful completion of all testing at Microsoft as the final RTM (release to manufacturing) with build number 7600.16385 has been declared. major customers with volume licenses received since early August, access to the RTM version, since mid-August, she was also . available in different languages are now also different license key for all editions of Windows 7 available on the Internet, which is Windows 7 illegally can activate, they avail themselves of the option to use Microsoft’s partners to mass activation of pre-installation (OEM Preactivation ). Up to 22 October 2009, the international sales launch were, all the language (“language packs”) was completed for Windows.