Xbox was the first video game console produced by Microsoft, in collaboration with Intel and Nvidia. The Xbox was developed to compete against the PlayStation 2 from Sony and Gamecube from Nintendo as part of the sixth-generation consoles. Its main features are the analog triggers command, soon to be adopted by Sony in the Sixaxis and the DualShock 3 and the control of its successor, the Xbox 360.

Its main feature is its central processor based on Intel Pentium III. The system also incorporates a reader of DVD, an internal hard drive, ethernet port and finally the system has four connectors for the controls. The architecture of the Xbox is based on the architecture x86 similar to that of a PC, this has made it easier for developers to adopt a large number of PC titles for the Xbox, helping to extend the range of console games.

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After its launch, Microsoft begins work on its successor using a different architecture. In late 2005, it launched the Xbox 360 as the successor to the Xbox. In 2006, Microsoft Recalls Xbox in order to engage in marketing the Xbox 360. The units of this equipment were sold 24 million consoles, according to official figures.

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Some owners of the Xbox suffered from fires and burns from faulty design of the cables and power supplies, especially those possessing power supplies consoles FoxLink brand and to a lesser extent those with Minebea sources and Delta Electronics brand. Microsoft retired 14.1 million worldwide cable and redesigned models or replacement feeding cables with protection against short circuits, also to repair the damage.