Wiesmann Logo Meaning and History

During its journey of 30 years, Wiesmann has one of the most iconic visual identity. Since its launch in 1988, the company didn’t make any hard changes in its symbol. It has only given some fine refinements to its logo throughout its journey.

This logo has two elements – emblem and two text elements that comprise of the brand name and tagline. The emblem is placed at the left with the text elements placed at the right of it to give it a flat but striking look.

wiesmann logo

Wiesmann Symbol

wiesmann wallpaper
Being a motorsport company,  the Wiesmann’s design symbolizes the value of the company that manufactures cars that are extremely fast with an extraordinary grip on the road. The tilted brand name symbolizes the speed while the emblem resembles grip.

Wiesmann Font


The Wiesmann logo uses a customized typeface to make the logo look unique and elegant. It has an italic typeface with sharp corners. The spacing between the letters is quite narrow to give it a futuristic look. The tagline which is placed right below the brand name has medium spacing between the letters with all capitalized letters.

Wiesmann Logo Emblem


 The company aimed to create cars that are fast and have a good grip on the ground. This is what the emblem of the company symbolizes. It shows a customized ‘Gecko’ which is a kind of lizard that is very fast and sticks to the walls just like the company intends its cars to be.

Wiesmann Logo Color/Background

The emblem of the Wiesmann logo has a customized silver finish to give it a premium look. On the other hand, the brand name and the tagline is in dark grey with a white background. Altogether, the color combination of the logo is unique and lure eyes to see them.