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Vauxhall is a manufacturer of automobiles belonging to the U.S. industrial group General Motors. Its model range consists of models of the German brand Opel. It was founded in 1857 by Alexander Wilson to make bombs and engines for marine, only in 1905 developed his first car. The factory moved from the London district of Vauxhall at Luton in 1905 and left the name Vauxhall Iron Works to take the current designation in 1907. General Motors bought the company in 1925. During the following decades, the brand was giving up his sport for the cars to large production.

vauxhall logo

From the 1970s onwards, virtually all are actually Vauxhall Opel models renamed and with a different front. Until this decade, both brands coexisted officially in the British Isles. Opel dealers in the United Kingdom became Vauxhall in 1982, and the following year the reverse happened in Ireland.

In the early 1990s, new generations of the different models of Opel and Vauxhall took identical designations, which meant changes on both sides of the Channel. The sporty versions of Opel call “OPC” (“Opel Performance Center”) took the name “VXR” in Vauxhall model.

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Vauxhall Logo Symbol

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The silver gryphon carrying a silver flag having a letter ‘V’ inscribed in it makes the Vauxhall logo look super cool. The Symbols comprises of a silver ring having a red background in which there is a gryphon holding a flag with letter ‘V’. The company had made several changes in its official log. Earlier in 1970, the logo had a black gryphon holding a flag with both the hands and wings spread.

The company kept on making minor changes in its logo, Earlier in 1989, it had no silver ring, the only difference was the color of the gryphon which was changed to white and the name of the company embossed below the logo. Later the name was removed and the color of the gryphon was changed to silver.

The current symbol that we have was incorporated by the company in 2009.

Vauxhall Logo Fonts

vauxhall logo wallpaper

The Fonts of the Vauxhall logo have a very minimal design, just the names of the company inscribed below the logo and the color of the font is silver and all the letters are in the capital formation.

Vauxhall Logo Emblem

The Emblem of the official logo is very elegant in look, it consists of a gryphon holding a flag with the letter ‘V’ inscribed on it, facing east-side. Embossed in between the silver ring.