USB Logo – The Universal Serial Bus (Universal Serial Bus USB ) is an industry standard developed in 1990 that defines the connectors and protocolsused in a bus to connect, communicate and provide power between computers and peripherals and electronic devices. 2 The development initiative came from Intel that created the USB Implementers Forum along with IBM , Northern Telecom , Compaq , Microsoft , Digital Equipment Corporation and NEC . Currently comprises over 685 companies.

USB Logo

USB Logo

USB was designed to standardize the connection of peripherals such as mouse , keyboards , joysticks , scanners , digital cameras , mobile phones , media players , printers , multifunctional devices , systems, data acquisition , modems , network cards , sound cards , cards TV tunerand external DVD burner, hard drive external drive external. Its success has been complete, having moved to connectors as serial port , parallel port , game port , Apple Desktop Bus or PS / 2 to niche markets or considering to eliminate obsolete devices of modern computers, many of whom can be replaced by USB devices that implement these connectors.

Its scope extends at present to any electronic devices or components from cars (modern car radios are becoming multimedia players with USB or iPod ) to the players Blu-ray Disc or the modern toys like Pleo . Changes have been implemented for industrial use and even military. But most notably, where its influence is in smartphones ( Europe has created a standard by which all phones should come with a microUSB charger), tablets , PDAs and game consoles , which has replaced almost entirely proprietary connectors.

Since 2008, about 6 billion devices are currently in the global market, and about 2 billion are sold each year.  Some devices require a minimum power, so you can connect multiple sources without requiring extra power. For this there are hubs (called USB hubs) including power supply to provide power to devices connected to them, but some devices consume much energy they need their own power supply . The Hub with power supply can provide power to other devices without removing power to the rest of the connection (within certain limits).

For hard drives, only a select few directly implement the USB interface as a native connection, being mainly external disks IDE or Serial ATAwith an adapter inside. There are even external boxes and cradles that implement connectors eSATA USB and and even USB 3.0. These and mixed USB / FireWire have driven the market for external drives to SCSI and parallel port connections.