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Compaq Logo – Compaq Computer Corporation is a personal computer company founded in 1982 by Rod Canion , Jim Harris and Bill Murto . During the years 1980 Compaq produced some of the first PC compatible with IBM PC at a low cost. The term “COMPAQ” is an acronym for ” Comp atibility a nd Q uality “in Spanish,” Compatibility and Quality “. Existed as an independent company until 2002 , when it merged with Hewlett Packard .

At the beginning of the decade of 1990 , Compaq entered the market of retail with the Compaq Presario , and was one of the first manufacturers in the mid-1990s to sell a PC at a price less than one thousand dollars. To achieve this price, Compaq became one of the first manufacturers that used CPUs AMD and Cyrix . The price war resulting from Compaq’s activities last stay was in many competitors, notably IBM and Packard Bell , out of the PC market.

In 1997 , Compaq bought Tandem Computers , known for its server line without stopping. This acquisition instantly gave Compaq a presence in the market for high-quality business. In 1998 , Compaq acquired Digital Equipment Corporation , the leading company in the previous generation of computers during the 70′s and early 80 . This acquisition made ​​Compaq, at the time, the second largest computer manufacturer in terms of revenue.

In 2002 , faced a merger with Compaq Hewlett-Packard . Numerous large HP shareholders, including Walter Hewlett, publicly opposed the deal. Michael Capellas , then CEO of Compaq, left the company after a brief stint as President of HP. Carly Fiorina became the new CEO of HP and was responsible for the merged company. Fiorina led Compaq for about three years after Capellas left. During that time, HP laid off thousands of former Compaq employees, its stock price generally declined, profits did not rise, and continued to lose market share to Dell . Faced with the possibility of being fired by a hostile board, Fiorina opted to go in February 2005 . Mark Hurd took his place as CEO of HP. Many products were rebranded Compaq-branded HP, while the Compaq brand remained in other product lines.

HP Compaq compete against other computer manufacturers including Alienware , Dell , Lenovo , Gateway , Sony , Toshiba , Acer , and others. Originally the company competed with IBM , making it compatible with any PC IBM , often cheaper and faster than the alternative of IBMy samsung currently is incorporated into the personal computer market.