US Airways Logo – U.S. Airways is an airline based in the U.S. city of Tempe, Arizona and controlled by U.S. Airways Group. In May 2006, ranked fifth in the United States . It has a fleet of 358 aircraft and 295 major routes for express routes, connecting 240 destinations in North America , Central America , the Caribbean , Hawaii and Europe . U.S. Airways template consists of 35,180 people and operates 3,860 daily flights.

US Airways Logo

US Airways Logo

The company was bought by America West Holdings Corporation in late 2005, estimated that its operations are fully integrated into the structure of America West Airlines by 2007, once approved by the government issuing one common certificate operations. U.S. Airways hubs are located in Douglas International Airport Charlotte International Airport and from Philadelphia . The America West Airlines are the Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix and McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas . Besides U.S. Airways significant operations from its secondary hub in Pittsburgh International Airport as well as from New York-LaGuardia , Washington-Ronald Reagan and Boston Logan .

The airline also operates the subsidiary, U.S. Airways Shuttle , a service that provides air bridge between the main cities of the Northeastern United States. Regional services are provided by U.S. Airways Express , a subsidiary that subcontracts flights to other companies. On 19 May 2005 , U.S. Airways Group announced it would merge with America West Holdings Corporation (parent of America West Airlines ), whose strength in the West would complement U.S. Airways routes in the Northeast, Europe and the Caribbean. The new entity retains the name of U.S. Airways because of its national and regional levels, in addition to its greater international recognition, its loyalty program Dividend Miles and participation in Star Alliance.

As a result of a takeover than a merger, the new U.S. Airways established its headquarters in the former America West corporate headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, America West executives took a clean sweep of senior positions within the new company. The acquisition by America West Airlines includes the consolidation of the fleet under the name U.S. Airways, which is expected to last between 18 and 24 months. You can find information about the initial announcement of merger in the next section of the New York Times .

On 13 September 2005 , 95.5% of the shareholders of America West approved the merger agreement. On 16 of the same month, the authorities approved the Reorganization Plan launched by U.S. Airways, giving free rein to the transaction, which closed on 27 along with the recovery of U.S. Airways Group, the second declared bankruptcy. The new airline was defined as “the largest budget airline in the world.” In January 2006, all flights became operated under the name U.S. Airways. In May of that year, proceeded to merge the websites of U.S. Airways and America West.

U.S. Airways routes are concentrated in the eastern United States and the Caribbean, also operates routes to Europe and destinations on the west coast, a region where its presence has increased markedly since the merger with America West. The companies grouped under the name U.S. Airways Express operate routes between most major airports hubs and U.S. Airways.