U.S. Cellular Logo – The United States Cellular Corporation , or just U.S. Cellular is a U.S. mobile phone companies. With 6.1 million customers, it is in the U.S. mobile market in terms of subscribers behind the sixth-largest competitor, the competitor Verizon Wireless , AT & T Mobility , Sprint Nextel , T-Mobile and MetroPCS (in 2009).

U.S. Cellular Logo

U.S. Cellular Logo

U.S. Cellular currently operates a CDMA2000 cellular network in 126 local markets in 26 U.S. states, the geographic focus primarily in the Northwest, Midwest and is located in the northeastern United States. About roaming agreements with other network operators are the services offered to customers throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Since its founding in 1983, the Company operated an AMPS cellular network. Until 2002, when the transition was initiated on the CDMA technology, the growing number of customers (including through acquisition of smaller local mobile network operators) to 4 million. From 2009 the upgrade of CDMA network with EV-DO standard, which allows faster data transfers. The introduction of LTE service is planned for late 2011.

The company is owned 83% of the Consolidated Telephone and Data Systems . The operation in the 90’s, when the U.S. mobile market was highly fragmented, under the name “Aerial Communications” and a GSM network, which ultimately, however, to was VoiceStream (the predecessor company of T-Mobile USA) was sold.

Several market surveys U.S. Cellular as a mobile operator with the highest customer satisfaction and call quality is referred to in the U.S.. On the product side tries to highlight the company and thus by incoming connections are not (as in the U.S. is usual) the customer’s account be made.