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Speedo is a manufacturer of swimwear that began in Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. Speedo is the largest seller in the world of swimwear brand and manufactures products for both everyday uses and for competitive swimming. His trademark is a red boomerang. Today the company is based in Nottingham, England, and belongs to Pentland Group based in London.

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The company was founded in 1914 by Alexander MacRae manufacturer as McRae Hosiery Manufacturers, then MacRae Knitting Mills. In an effort to expand its business in swimsuits. In 1928 the name Speedo was adopted after the firm developed its design swimsuits Racerback, Making one of the first designs specifically athletic. The name was given by Captain Jim Parsons who won a company compete with the slogan “Speed ​​on in your Speedos.”

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The company continues to manufacture swimwear occasional use, goggles, earplugs, swim caps, towels, robes, clothes, watches, sandals, beach volleyball, and triathlon products, lifeguard, and supplies for monitors of both amateur and competitive swimming. In March 2007 in an attempt to appeal to a younger audience, Speedo collaboration with Japanese brand Comme des Garcons gave the British retailer Topshop fashion with a collection of classic Speedo women.

Although Speedo still manufactures the traditional briefs, jammers, and racerback designs that made it famous, the latest designs incorporate competitive swimwear suits that provide greater coverage to the arms, legs, and the rest of the body to complete the top. Their high-quality suits are priced at around $ 300 for models II and Fastskin FS Pro Series

Speedo Logo Symbol

Ever since its incorporation, the Speedo Logo has remained the same. The company has only made a few changes to its official logo without changing the actual theme of the symbol. The first-ever symbol was incorporated in 1914 and it remained with the company for almost 90 years.

It has the name of the brand written in blue color and a boomerang was inscribed below the name. As the company makes swimwear for both men and women and the boomerang represents the speed of their brand. The current logo is very simple and elegant, it has the name of the brand written and the boomerang is on the right side of the brand’s name.

Speedo Logo Fonts
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Despite being very simple the fonts of the official Logo look stylish. The color of the current logo is light grayish and all the letters are in a small form.

Speedo Logo Emblem

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The Emblem of the official logo is a boomerang which represents the speed and agility of the brand. It represents the ability to reverse quickly and smoothly like a boomerang.