SAP Logo – SAP AG is an enterprise computing German based in Walldorf . Markets a suite of software business, including mySAP Business Suite, which provides scalable, ie capable of adapting to new requirements as they change or increase the client’s business needs, with over 1,000 business processes, which the company claims are among the best business practices.

SAP Logo

SAP Logo

SAP is considered the third largest independent software supplier in the world (after Microsoft and Oracle ) and the largest in the European Union . It has 12 million users, 100,700 installations and over 1,500 members. In late 2005, SAP employed 35,873 people 2 in over 50 countries and annual revenues were 8.513 million of euros .

SAP was founded in 1972 in the city of Mannheim , Germany , by some former employees of IBM ( Wellenreuther Claus , Hans-Werner Hector , Klaus Tschira , Dietmar Hopp and Hasso Plattner ) under the name “SAP Systemanalyse, Anwendungen und Programmentwicklung”. The name was taken from the division where they worked at IBM .

The name SAP R / 3 is both the name of a company and a computer system. This integrated system includes many modules, covering virtually all aspects of business management. SAP has set its sights on the business as a whole: thus offers a unique system that supports virtually all business areas. SAP provides the opportunity to replace a large number of independent systems have been developed and installed in existing organizations, by a single modular system. Each module performs a different function, but is designed to work with other modules. It is fully integrated, offering true compatibility between all company functions.

Having dominated the market, the company faces increased competition from Microsoft and IBM . In March 2004, changed its business focus in favor of creating the “platform” that develops and uses the new version of its software NetWeaver . It is at this point that SAP is at odds with Microsoft and IBM, which market alternative platforms . NET and WebSphere , respectively.

In early 2004 , SAP held discussions with Microsoft about a possible merger. The negotiations ended without an agreement. However, in early 2006 announced a partnership between SAP and Microsoft to integrate applications ERP SAP with those of Microsoft Office under the project name “Duet”. The acquisition of SAP by Microsoft would have been one of the biggest deals in the history of the software industry, given the value of the German market of more than 55,000 million (June 2004).

SAP has consistently won customers to increase global market share to 55% in late 2004, from 48% two years ago . The combined share of Oracle and PeopleSoft declined from 29% to 23% . In May 2010, acquired its competitor Sybase for 4.567 million euros.