Oracle Corporation is one of the largest companies in software in the world. Its products range from databases ( Oracle ) to management systems. It also has its own tools for developing powerful applications such as Oracle Designer , Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Developer Suite . Its CEO now is Larry Ellison . Today Oracle is the gold standard for database technology and applications in enterprises throughout the world. The company is the leading global provider of information management software and the second largest independent software company. The acquisition of Sun was given a leading role in the software field.

Oracle emerged in the late 70′s under the name “Relational Software” from a study of George Koch on management systems database that Computer World defined as one of the most comprehensive ever written on the subject. This article includes a comparison of products to Relational Software stood as the most complete from a technical standpoint. This was because he used the philosophy of the database relational , something that at that time was still unknown. It was 1977 when Faber founded Software Development Laboratories Bedoya, back in 1979 changed its name to Relational Software, Inc. introduces its new product faberbeta0.2 as a commercial version of a management system databases.

This version does not support transactions, but all the functionality of SQL queries and joins. In 1983 RSI renamed definitive Oracle Corporation and Oracle V3 released, adding transaction management across COMMIT and ROLLBACK. In fact, the product is recoded in C which allows execution platforms to expand to include Unix, when here was only on Digital VAX / VMS. In 1984, Oracle supports read consistency V4 and V5 in 1985 began to support Oracle client / server to join the boom in the development of networks. It also supports the execution of distributed queries.

1989 brought the advent of Oracle’s ERP, known as Oracle Financials ®, along with version 6 engine, which adds a procedural language (PL / SQL) level locking row and the chance to back up without the need for down processes. To become a complete database, Oracle appears V7h in 1992, where h is the data warehouse, but more significant is the referential integrity support, storage and execution of programs written in PL / SQL within the engine and definition of database triggers. The Internet was a reality and new programming paradigms began to appear to try to shift the paradigms requirements when, in 1997 Oracle V8 begins to support object-oriented development and execution and storage of multimedia content and in 1999 came to light Oracle 8i to be in tune with the requirements of the Internet, where i is derived from the name. In addition, the engine incorporates a Java Virtual Machine to support internal storage and execution of Java code inside the engine.

The new century begins in 2001 and Oracle 9i brings over 400 new features including the ability to manipulate XML documents, high availability options, Cluster databases. A major breakthrough is made on the definition of Virtual Database (VPD), and LDAP authentication via self-administration of the database. In 2003 Oracle Corporation released Oracle 10g, where the “g” stands for “Grid”, incorporating the management and database administration mesh , a set of databases that space management, resources and services can be managed like a one.

In 2007, Oracle announced the latest version of its database in the city of New York, United States. The called Oracle 11g, the next step in the history of technological innovation of Oracle Corporation. On April 20 of 2009 is announced the acquisition of Sun Microsystems in a deal of around 7,400 million dollars. one which greatly expands the portfolio of Oracle. On 24 October 2011 Oracle announced the acquisition of the company’s cloud computing RightNow Technologies by 1,500 million dollars.