Perrier Logo – Perrier is a well known French mineral water , whose source is in the south of France , where the Cevennes in the lower Rhone valley, is situated. It is sold in over 140 countries with over 700 million bottles. Trademark is a green bottle into cone shape.

Supposedly, the source was known to the Romans known, and Hannibal is said to have refreshed there in 218 BC, before he crossed the Alps. What is certain is that Emperor Napoleon III. in 1863 permission to the hotel and health resort, around the source. The head doctor was then called Louis D. Perrier. He became the patron saint of water. To turn of the century the British took over St. John Harmsworth plant. He was the first bottle the mineral water in bottles. In the spring of 1990 showed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for benzene residues in bottles of Perrier mineral water. As a result of the withdrawal action arose after the company indicated that a loss of 200 million francs. Since 1992, Perrier is part of Nestle Water Group .