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Netscape Communications Corporation is an enterprise software famous as the creator of the web browser Netscape Navigator. It was purchased by AOL in 1999. The company was founded as Mosaic Communications Corporation on April 4 of 1994 by Marc Andreessen and Jim Clark. It was one of the first companies to work with the nascent World Wide Web. He released a browser called Mosaic Netscape 0.9 on October 13th of 1994. This browser was subsequently renamed Netscape Navigator.

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The company changed its name to Netscape Communications Corporation on November 14 of 1994. Microsoft released version 1.0 of Internet Explorer (IE) as part of Pack Plus for Windows 95, as Spyglass (the developer of Internet Explorer), this was not taken from Netscape as is commonly believed, but Mosaic was a part of it. After this, Microsoft released on a number of IE, and both Netscape and Internet Explorer were adding new features, although these did not always work correctly.

After the case in which Microsoft was found guilty of abuse of power monopoly and was sentenced to pay the U.S. $ 750 million to AOL and share some technologies, including leave AOL license and distribute Internet Explorer for free for 7 years. This was regarded as the “Death of Netscape.” On July 15 of 2003, AOL got rid of the Netscape brand, took the logo of your building and dismissed most of the programmers.

Netscape logo Symbol

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The Netscape logo has undergone several changes ever since its induction. The first-ever logo was introduced in 1994 till 1997 and it has an emblem with letter ‘N’ inscribed in a square and the name of the company written below it. The company made minor changes in the logo keeping the theme and the color as it was first undertaken. The present logo had the same emblem ‘N’ with Netscape written on its right-hand side.

Netscape logo Fontsnetscape logo png

The company uses very simple fonts in its log. The color of the font is black and the initial letter ‘N’ is in capital form and the rest of the letters are in small formation. The simplicity of the fonts makes the logo look elegant

Netscape Logo Emblem

netscape logo png

The Emblem of the Netscape logo is very simple it has a capital letter ‘N’ inscribed inside a circular ring. The emblem of the logo has two colors one is sea blue and the other is black and they both are divided by a white arc. The color of the letter ‘N’ is also white which makes it look stylish.