Google Slides is a cloud-based document processing platform by Google that enables one to create slides online directly from their web browser. It is one of the best alternatives to the Microsoft PowerPoint that comes with all the features that Microsoft PowerPoint has.

However, one of the biggest benefits of using Google Slides over Microsoft PowerPoint is all the documents and slides are saved online on the cloud which is accessible from any computer. Also sharing the slides with other people is as simple as pasting a link. With a lot more features, Google Slides also let you insert and edit images in your slides with some built-in editing tools.

In most of the cases, people who are new to Google Sheets face some sorts of difficulty finding these built-in editing tools to insert and edit images in the Google Slides.

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The most common trouble people face while working with an image in the Google Slides is sending an image to back in Google Slides. Any image that you insert in the Slides is set at the front by default. This image covers the texts in Slides making it difficult to read. To make the text visible, the image that you have inserted needs to be sending back to the texts.

In case, if you are also having trouble while working with an image in Google Slides, we are here to help you. Read a step-by-step guide to help you send an image to back in Google Slides.

Inserting an Image in Google Slides

Before you edit any image, it is needed to be inserted in Slides. This part is only for those who are a newbie to the Google Slides and didn’t have any idea inserting an image in the Slides. If you already know this process, you can skip this part.

  1. Open the Slides on the web browser on which you are working.
  2. Click on Insert > Image and then select the image to be inserted from your computer.
  3. Hit on Insert or Open button to insert the selected image to the Slides.

Note: You can follow the same procedure to insert an audio or video in the slides. You just have to follow Insert > Audio/Video to insert.

In this way, you can insert any image in the Google Slides. Now you are ready to edit the image you have inserted. As mentioned above, images that you insert in the Slides are placed in front by default. You need to send them back to make the text visible. Let’s see how can we do this.

How to Send an Image to the Back in Google Slides

Sending Image to Back in Google SlidesAs soon as you select an image, the drawing bar comes at the front that comprises different tools and options to edit the images. However, the drawing bar doesn’t comprise an option to send an image to back to the text. But, you can follow this step given below to send an image to the back in Google Slides.

  1. Select the image to which you want to send back.
  2. Right-click on the image then select Order.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select Send to Back.

Alternatively, you can simply select the image and follow this command (CTRL + Shift + ↓) to send an image to back to the texts.

In this way, you can easily send an image to the back in the Google Slides.