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Google Logo – Google Inc. is the owner of the trademark Google , whose main product is the search engine of content on the Internet the same name. The engine is the result of the doctoral thesis of Larry Page and Sergey Brin (two students in Ph.D. in Computer Science from Stanford University ) to improve search on Internet. Coordination and advice were due to Mexican Hector Garcia Molina , director at the time Computer Systems Laboratory of the same Stanford University . The domain “Google” was registered on September 15, 1997. From the project completed, Page and Brin founded, the September 4 of 1998 , the company Google Inc., which premieres on the Internet search engine onSeptember 27 following (considered the anniversary date). They had a server with 80 CPUs, and two routers HP. This search engine surpassed other more popular at the time, AltaVista , which was created in 1995 .

Although their main product is the seeker , the company also offers other services, a price comparison called Google Product Search (formerly known as “Froogle” ), a search engine for material stored on local disks ( Google Desktop Search ), a service email called Gmail , your 3D world map on Google Earth , a service of instant messaging based on XMPP called Google Talk , the browser web Google Chrome, and his latest creation, the social networking service Google + . Its main infrastructure consists of several data centers that work with the distribution RedHat the operating system GNU / Linux , whose election was held due to the flexibility of it, so that most workers also use this same distribution in workstations for convenience.

Currently Google is working on new projects like the $ 100 PC ,a new operating system , Google Docs & Spreadsheets , collaboration and promotion of applications of free software like Firefox , installation of several free wireless networks, development of a open protocol system for voice communication among others. It is also speculated to be working on developing a “Google Office” and a global network of fiber optics . Vint Cerf , considered one of the fathers of the Internet , was hired by Google in 2005 . The company trades on the NASDAQ under the symbolGOOG .

In October 2006 , Google bought for 1.65 billion dollars the famous video site YouTube . In April 2007 , Google bought DoubleClick , a company specializing in Internet advertising, for 3.1 billion dollars. Earlier this month, Google became the world’s most valuable brand, reaching the sum of 66 000 million, beating iconic companies like Microsoft , General Electric andCoca-Cola . In July 2007 , Google acquired Panoramio , a website dedicated to exhibit the photographs themselves that users created and managed , some of which are uploaded to the site so they can be viewed through the software Google Earth , which aims to allow such software users learn more about a specific area of the map, looking at the pictures that others have taken there.

In September 2010 , Google implemented “Google Instant Search”, a feature that allows you to search as you type on your search term. In principle only accessible for users of the English version, and registered users in the Spanish version. In August 2011 , Google acquired Motorola Mobility for 8.8 billion euros (12,500 million). With this acquisition, Google controls the majority of the market of mobile Android and will have its own manufacturing of mobile phones as Apple .