Hello Kitty logo-Hello Kitty is a fictional character produced by the company Japanese Sanrio and has long been the most popular of this company. It was designed by Yuko Shimizu and the first product, a vinyl purse, was launched in Japan in 1974 and in the United States in 1976. After the first design by Shimizu, Yuko Yamaguchi became the official designer of Hello Kitty and has over twenty years designing all kinds of products, accessories and Hello Kitty.

The character is a white cat with a very geometric anthropomorphic, with a distinctive bow or other decoration on her left ear. In 1976 copyright was and currently is a brand known globally. Hello Kitty line generates about 250 million euros a year from the sale of licenses. There is a theme park owned by Sanrio official, known as Sanrio Puroland.

hello kitty logo vector
Considering the statement from the spokesperson of Sanrio, Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth as the brand wants people to express their feelings onto the character. There has been some recommendation that Hello Kitty has its roots in Maneki Neko, and that the name Hello Kitty itself is a back-interpretation of Maneki Neko, which signifies beckoning cat in English.

Hello Kitty Logo Symbol


hello kitty logo large


The Hello Kitty mainly symbolizes the feminine ideologies that are needed to be culturally inherited. It expresses the sign of cuteness by her red bow on her head which is placed while tilting a bit to the right. Being a 2-D cartoon cat, Hello Kitty expresses feminine qualities and self-expression.

Hello Kitty Logo Font

Hello Kitty logo font

The font used in Hello Kitty logo is basically ‘Japan’ that has been modified a bit to look different from the original font. In the brand name, the ‘H’ and ‘K’ are styled in Capital letters while the other letters are small. Since the ‘Japan’ font is already in bold style, the logo itself has been left as it is in bold.

Hello Kitty Emblem
hello kitty logo

Mainly, the Hello Kitty Emblem looks the same as it can be seen in the logo. However, the emblem gets some effects such as a 3D effect to make it look contrasting. Apart from this, the emblem can be customized in different color options depending upon where it is being used.


Hello Kitty Logo Color/Background

Hello Kitty logo
While Hello Kitty has a wide range of background and color combinations, the most common color/background combination used in the logo is black and white. Hello Kitty has a white background with the outlines of the logo in the black and red bow on her head.