Android Logo – Android is a mobile OS based on Linux , together with applications, middleware , is targeted for use in mobile devices as smart phones , tablets , Google TV and other devices. is developed by the Open Handset Alliance , which is led by Google . This system usually handles applications such as Market (Marketing).

android logo

android logo

It was initially developed by Android Inc. , a company bought by Google in 2005 . is the main product of the Open Handset Alliance , a consortium of manufacturers and developers of hardware, software and service operators. units of smartphones sold Android is located in the first place in the United States , in the second and third quarters of 2010 , with a market share of 43.6% in the third quarter. A worldwide reached a market share of 50 , 9% in the fourth quarter of 2011, more than double the second operating system ( IOS iPhone) with more volume.

It has a large community of developers writing applications to extend the functionality of the devices. To date, we have surpassed the 400,000 applications (of which two thirds are free) available for official App Store Android: Google Play , regardless of other applications for Android unofficial stores, such as the App Store Amazon or the app store Samsung Apps for Samsung . Google Play is the online application store run by Google, although there is the possibility of external software. The programs are written in the programming language Java . However, there is a free operating system for malware , but most of it is downloaded from third party sites.

The announcement of Android was held November 5, 2007 along with the creation of the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of 78 hardware companies, software and telecommunications dedicated to developing open standards for mobile devices. Google released most Android code under the licenseApache , a license free and open source .

The Android operating system structure consists of applications running in a framework of Java object-oriented applications on the core of the libraries of Java on a virtual machine Dalvik with run-time compilation . The libraries written in C language include a GUI manager (surface manager), a framework OpenCore a SQLite relational database, a graphics API OpenGL ES 2.0 3D rendering engine WebKit, SGL graphics engine, SSL and Standard C libraryBionic . The operating system is composed of 12 million lines of code, including 3 million lines of XML, 2.8 million lines of C language, 2.1 million lines of Java and 1.75 million lines of C + +.