Foxconn Logo – Foxconn is the name under which the Taiwanese company Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd.. in the market occurs. The company was founded in 1974 by Terry Gou as a manufacturer of plastic products formed. Since 1991, the company is on the Taiwan Stock Exchange listed. Today it is one of the largest contract manufacturer of electronic products worldwide.

Foxconn Logo

Foxconn Logo

Foxconn is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic and computer components worldwide. As a contract manufacturer , the company produces among other things, for Hewlett-Packard , Dell and Apple . The Group also produces commissioned the game consoles Nintendo DS , Wii , Xbox 360 and PlayStation .

Foxconn is also a house-and farm-gate supplier for Intel . About 75% of products sold under the name of Intel motherboards are manufactured by Foxconn. With 42 million sold in 2005 motherboards it is market leader in motherboards. In addition, 2005 more than 52 million PC enclosure were sold. Even so it is the market leader. Foxconn is world’s No. 1 manufacturer of processor sockets , Number 5 manufacturer of connectors and No. 2 manufacturer of heat sinks with 25% market share. Foxconn 2008, 59 billion dollars in sales. making it the largest privately owned manufacturing companies in Taiwan. At the same time Foxconn is the largest exporter in China with the largest unit shipments.

Since 2005, Foxconn tries with offers for home users to expand its core business and the retail sector. Among the products for the home user include, for example, motherboards , barebones , graphics cards , power supplies and fans . In Europe, these are offered under the brand name Foxconn WinFast than in Asia. The model names and designs are generally the same. Another brand of the group is Leadtek , which the Group, in graphics cards. Foxconn has about 21,000 registered patents. About 15,000 engineers in the U.S., China and Taiwan are working to develop new products and developments.

Since 1993, the company has manufacturing facilities in mainland China, including in Shenzhen , Hangzhou , Wuhan and Yantai . 1994 Development centers were in the U.S. and Japan to 1998 and 1999 manufacturing plants in Britain and the United States . In China, together with the electronics store chain Media-Saturn , to the Metro AG is trying to even get on the electronic market is a confident manner. The first Media Markt store in China under the name Wa De Cheng on 17 November 2010 in Shanghai and opened a joint venture the two companies. Further openings are also planned.