BP (formerly of “British Petroleum”, today backronym for the slogan “beyond petroleum” ) is an international energy company headquartered in London, United Kingdom . CEO since 1 October 2010 , Robert Dudley , the Tony Hayward replaced. BP reported 2009 global revenues of 239 billion dollars and employed 80 300 people. Worldwide, 83 million daily barrels of oil equivalent support. Of these, 4 million barrels per day promotes BP (about 57 percent oil and about 43 percent natural gas ). The company has approximately 22,400 gas stations , serving 13 million customers daily.

bp logo

bp logo

In Europe, BP Europe SE (prior to 1 January 2010 in Germany : German BP AG), a leader with its domestic retail network and in the lubricants market, which means under the brands Aral (petrol stations, lubricants) and Castrol occurs (lubricants). The company’s headquarters is in Hamburg , is CEO Uwe Franke . 2010 BP recorded in SE Europe, Germany has an annual turnover of more than 44 billion euros (nearly 32 billion euros in non-energy tax). In Germany, more than 5,100 people at BP are active. BP has the second largest refinery system in Germany In addition, Germany is a world of three BP-research sites. Research in Bochum 70 employees, for example in the development of new fuels.

The history of the British Petroleum Company begins in Germany. In 1904 in Berlin, the German petroleum corporation (DPAG) was founded in 1906 in the European Petroleum Union (EPU) was over. This started in 1906 for distributing their products in the UK, a subsidiary called British Petroleum Company . This was the abbreviation BP brand name for marketing the oil company’s products.

After the confiscation of German property located in British Petroleum Company by the British government at the outbreak of the First World War, this company was in 1917 in the ownership of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company transferred. The Anglo-Persian Oil Company (APOC) was founded in 1909, after drilling in Iran on the basis of a William Knox D’Arcy concession acquired funding were struck oil. Acquired in 1912 at the behest of Winston Churchill , the British government for two million pounds a majority stake in APOC for the company financially. It was also concluded with the APOC a long-term supply contract to supply the British fleet.

In 1935, the Anglo-Persian Oil Company after the completion of a new concession contract with Iran in Anglo-Iranian Oil Company (AIOC) has been renamed. Majority shareholders of the AIOC remained the British government. After had been nationalized in March 1953, the assets of AIOC in Iran by a decision of the Iranian Parliament, the CIA organized the overthrow of Mossadeq and the return of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi . Then the lying outside of Iran in British property company shares were retained along with the returned by the new Iranian government shares in British Petroleum Company renamed. The brand logo yellow lettering on a green background-BP has developed over the next few decades, the global brand name of the company.