BHP Billiton Logo
BHP Billiton is the company mining world’s largest. Its origin comes from the merger (2001) of the Australian company Broken Hill Proprietary (BHP) and the British company Billiton. It has a dual share structure. While BHP Billiton Limited is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, BHP Billiton Plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is part of the FTSE 100.

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The Australian BHP Billiton Limited and the British BHP Billiton Plc are listed independently and with separate shareholder bodies, but they operate as one company with a single board and a single administrative structure. Its head office is in Melbourne with offices in London, Perth, Johannesburg, Santiago, Singapore, Shanghai, Houston and The Hague. The company operates a wide range of mining operations in 25 countries, including iron, diamonds, manganese, coal (coking and thermal), copper, nickel, oil and bauxite. The global workforce is about 40,000 people.

BHP Billiton Logo Symbol

bhp billiton logo

The symbol of the BHP Billiton logo is very simple it comprises of three liquid metals which represents the merging of two companies. It represents how two companies merged like a molten metal merges with each other. The company incorporated this symbol when ‘BHP’ and ‘Billiton’ shook hands with each other and they wanted to have a logo which is self-explanatory.

Earlier before 1985, the logo was rectangular in shape, BHP has written diagonally cutting the two triangles of blue and red colors, later the company changed the logo and it had BHP written in dark blue color, it remained until 2001 and when the companies merged they changed their logo.

Currently, the Official logo of the company comprises of the letter ‘BHP’ written in the capital letters with the light brown color.

BHP Billiton Logo Fonts
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The Fonts of the logo are very decently inscribed with all the letters in a small formation and  ‘BHP’ written in bold. The color of the font used is a dark grey which makes the logo elegant in looks and eye-catching. The designers have done a great job in crafting the logo in such a manner that represents the logic behind the adaption of this logo.

BHP Billiton Logo Emblem

The Emblem of the official logo is not very complex the designers have tried to keep it very simple, it comprises of four elements and represents the merging of two companies. It represents the two melted metals forming a bond by integrating into each other. The color of the emblem is light brown which makes it look elegant.