Boston Bruins Logo – The Boston Bruins are a team of ice hockey located in Boston (Massachusetts). Founded in 1924, was the first franchise of the United States to join the NHL and is one of the most traditional clubs in the North American hockey. They have also won the Stanley Cup six times. Boston currently plays in the National Hockey League, framed in the Northeastern Division.

In 1923 the NHL decided to expand into the United States setting up a franchise in Boston at the request of businessman Charles Adams. Adams signed to Art Ross, who remained in the Bruins for thirty years as CEO. The Boston Bruins were also, along with Montreal Maroons in the same year, the first expansion team in the NHL.

During his first four seasons the team played in the Boston Arena until his transfer in 1928 at Boston Garden. With a bad campaign in its infancy, Adams manages to exploit the end of the Western Hockey League to sign several stars of the championship in season 1926-27. The team managed to win their first Stanley Cup in 1927-28 and would win five championships in Division followed until 1933. During that time the team had several stars like Shore, Thompson, Clapper, Babe Siebert and Cooney Weiland. Eddie Shore won the Hart Trophy for best player (MVP) four times (1933, 1935, 1936, and 1938).

The Bruins used a black jersey with yellow stripes and white at home, and one white with yellow stripes and black out. It was the traditional jersey of the team since 1939, but began playing with yellow and brown as main colors. The shield current computer is a B (Boston) in a circle, and several yellow lines that intersect. Although minor changes are made, is the same coat for years.