Atlanta Hawks Logo – Atlanta Hawks is a team of basketball of the NBA based in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. The team was founded in 1946 as Tri-Cities Blackhawks in the area of the Mississippi River. After moving to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1951, the franchise was renamed the Milwaukee Hawks. Before the 1955-56 season, the Hawks moved to St. Louis, Missouri, happening in the city thirteen seasons and winning the championship in 1958, the only one in franchise history. Finally, in 1968 moved to Atlanta, Georgia. Among the titles stand out, apart from the NBA championship, 4 conference titles and 14 division. The Hawks play their home games at Philips Arena.

The franchise was formed in 1946 under the name Tri-Cities Blackhawks (later named Tri-City native Black Hawk) in the National Basketball League, located in an area belonging to tripartite Moline and Rock Island, in Illinois, and Davenport, of Iowa (now Quad Cities). The Black Hawks were named after the Black Hawk War, fought mostly in Illinois. Other sources state that began in season 1946 – 47 of the NBL as Buffalo Bisons and was soon transferred to Tri-Cities. Following the merger of the NBL and BAA, which led to the NBA now, the Blackhawks reached the playoffs in the inaugural year of the brand new category, under the command of Red Auerbach, who took over and started the season at Roger Potter, getting 28 wins and 29 defeats. In the playoffs first round fall in Anderson Packers. However, the following season, after choosing Bob Cousy in the Draft and make the mistake of ceding their rights to Chicago Stags (who would later Cousy’s rights in a atypical draft the Boston Celtics after his disappearance), are not qualified for the playoffs.

In 1951, the franchise relocated to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where they had a new building for 10,000 spectators, the Milwaukee Arena, and took the name “Hawks”. In his first season with the new name, only one of his players appeared among the best in the league, the power forward Mel Hutchins, who tied for second best rebounder with Larry Foust, of Fort Wayne Pistons. They finished last in the league, with a record of 17 wins and 49 losses, but the public did not give them back, hoping for improved play of his team. During the 1953 Draft, they chose Bob Pettit, a future MVP of the NBA, to made a spectacular rookie season, averaging 20.4 points per game, fourth in the league, and being elected Rookie of the Year. Milwaukee improved slightly, but returned to finish last in the league with 26 victories and 46 defeats.