Vans is a brand of shoes skate California created in 1966 by Paul Van Doren. Already in 1970 the creator Paul Van Doren goes into stiff competition from the shoes to create professional models for Vans basketball, baseball and even wrestling. In 1983 several of its models achieved a great acceptance in the market, but the offer was very comprehensive and Vans began to founder. Paul Van Doren Vans develops a reorganization and takes over as chief administrator. Proposes that if in three years no debt rises $ 12 million will have to cut costs of all kinds. In 1985 Vans achieved alleviate that debt after paying all its creditors.

In 1988, the original owners sold Vans to McCown DeLeeuw Co., an investment firm. With new blood and a major financial effort, Vans expands and increases its presence worldwide, even to appear on the NASDAQ in 1991.

The decade of the ’90s would be very conducive to Vans with new designs on their shoes and the rise of the alternative scene of the rock. The rise of a variant of the legacy punk of 1980s, the punk-pop that came to mid-’90s with waves of bands like The Offspring, Pennywise, Green Day, Bad Religion (success was already the end of 1980), NOFX and Blink-182. Bands like these and many other styles would be the bearers of the Warped Tour Vans, a summer festival of music “punk,” punk-pop, ska-punk, and hip-hop was born in 1994. A year later, Vans is done with the Triple Crown Series, a series of tests prestigious professional surfing. Was the first brand Vans skate to open a skatepark or skate park. It was in 1998 in Orange Mall, in the Californian town of Newport Beach in Orange County. The park has 46,000 square meters outdoors.

The prestigious magazine Forbes Vans recognized as the “best small company in America 2000″ and in 2002 would enter the world of television by signing an agreement with NBC Sports and Fox Sports broadcasting rights for the Triple Crown series. Vans Forbes would recognize again in 2002 as “one of the best small companies in America.” This time it was not No. 1, but reverted to achieve global recognition.