Symantec Logo – Symantec Corporation is a corporation International develops and markets software for computers , particularly in the domain of computer security . Headquartered in Mountain View , California , Symantec has operations in over forty countries.

Symantec Logo

Symantec Logo

Founded in 1982 by Gary Hendrix with an endorsement of the National Science Foundation . Symantec initially focuses on projects related to artificial intelligence , including a database manager. Hendrix hired several researchers in natural language processing from Stanford University as the first employees of the company. In 1984 Symantec is acquired by another, even smaller startup company software, C & E Software, founded by Dennis Coleman and Gordon E. Eubanks, Jr., and directed by Eubanks. The resulting company retained the name Symantec, and Eubanks becomes its executive director . Its first product, Q & A , was launched in 1985. Q & A provides a management database and comes with a word processor .

This early acquisition marks the company, hereinafter not hesitate to buy or merge with other companies in order to gain more market share, having conducted over 60 such operations. Similarly, if you decide to let go of one branch of business, usually sold to a third party or segregated in a separate subsidiary.  Symantec was also a branch of compilers and development packages from the purchase in 1987 of Think Technologies: THINK Pascal , THINK C (later evolves Symantec C + +), and Visual Café were popular especially in the Apple Macintosh (in IBM-compatible PC only tool Java programming language achieves notoriety). Out of business in the late nineties when competitors such as Metrowerks , Microsoft and Borland seized significant market share.

In August 1990, purchase Symantec Peter Norton Computing , the creator of the famous Norton Utilities (a collection of utilities for DOS ). Since this purchase Peter Norton becomes the mark of all utilities to end users of Symantec, including antivirus , and figuring a picture of Peter Norton in the product box for a long time. Over time will become segment leader for end-user utilities, buying or absorbing many of its competitors. Products include Norton AntiVirus , Norton Commander , Norton Internet Security , Norton 360 , Norton Personal Firewall , Norton SystemWorks (which now contains Norton Utilities ), Norton AntiSpam, Norton GoBack (formerly WildFile GoBack, Adaptec GoBack, and Roxio GoBack), and Norton Ghost (originally published by Binary Research ).

In 2003 acquired PowerQuest and all its products. PartitionMagic Norton PartitionMagic becomes. The same applies to his counterpart for servers, ServerMagic. PowerQuest DriveImage that was replaced by Norton Ghost. However it has not gone ahead with its development and is incompatible with PartitionMagic partitions Windows Vista Symantec is also an industry leader in comprehensive electronic security messaging , offering solutions for instant messaging, antispam and antivirus.

Symantec Security Response organization (formerly Symantec Antivirus Research Center) is a leading antivirus and research groups in the security industry with over 400 full time employees. On December 16th of 2004 , Veritas Software and Symantec announced plans for a merger. Veritas is valued at 13,520 million U.S. dollars , which made ​​it the largest merger in the software industry to date. Symantec’s shareholders voted on June 24 of 2005 to approve the merger and the deal closed successfully on July 2. On July 5 of 2005 was the first day of business for the offices of the United States of the combined company.