Qdoba Logo

Qdoba (pronounced q-Doba) is a Mexican fast-casual restaurant owned by Jack In The Box. There are several large competitors in this specific industry including Chipotle Mexican grill who is owned by a fast-food giant, McDonald’s. They offer Mexican style cuisine including burritos, quesadillas, Mexican gumbo, and tacos. The company was first opened in Denver Colorado and in its first year it brought in revenues over $1.5 million!

The logo itself conveys fun and informal message through the use of a paintbrush-like trademark.  The cactus logo is a reference to the typical desert-like, cactus-studded terrain of the country of Mexico.  The words Mexican Grill are written in all caps and are much more formal than the Qdoba trademark.  Most likely this is to convey the message that the restaurant is a level above a fast-food restaurant and it is suitable for more formal would-be patrons.

qdoba logo

Qdoba now has over 600 restaurants in their chain and are still headquartered out of Colorado.  The company is not traded publicly specifically but its parent company, Jack In The Box, is.  The company’s stock price has done very well in the past year at the time of this writing, as it is up 35% compared to one year ago.

Here is an alternate logo that you can use as a wallpaper.  It is quite unique in that the background is a mint green which goes well with the Qdoba logo design!

Qdoba Logo Symbol

Qdoba Logo transparent

The Company uses different Qdoba Logo but the famous one is where the company has used the name of the brand. The brand’s name is written with capital ‘Q’ and the rest of the letters are in small formation. The logo has a cactus on the right side of the name and ‘Mexican grill’ is inscribed below the brand’s name, which is written in caps lock.

The cactus plant is green in color and the brand’s name is written in black color. The other symbol that the company uses is very simple, in that the company uses the name of the brand ‘Q-doba’ written in orange color.

Qdoba Logo Fonts
Qdoba Logo transparent

The company uses two official fonts. The official symbol that the company uses has the company’s names with the letter ‘Q’ written in caps lock and the rest of the letters in the small form and the color of the font is black. It also has ‘Mexican Grill’ written in caps lock.

The other symbol that the company uses is orange in color, in that the fonts used by the company are pretty simple and it only has Qdoba written in orange color.

Qdoba Logo Emblem

Qdoba Logo transparent

The Emblem of the official logo is a cactus plant and the color is green and three leaves are placed in between the space and the color of the leaves is red.