Paramount Logo -Paramount Pictures Corporation is a company American producer and distributor of cinema , based in Hollywood ( California ). It is controlled by Viacom . Previously controlled by Gulf + Western . It was founded on December 18, 1908 but controlled for the first time in 1910.

Early in the history of cinema in the United States in the 1910′s were established major studios, including Paramount occupies a privileged position, along with Universal Pictures , Fox Film Corporation, which would then be the 20th Century-Fox , the United Artists , the Warner Bros , the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer , the Columbia Pictures , the RKO and The Walt Disney Company . During the 30′s this policy of studies is consolidated and that means the rise of cinema American .

Paramount opted at that time glorious historical epics Cecil B. De Mille as The Sign of the Cross ( 1932 ) and Cleopatra ( 1934 ), represented by the high comedy by Ernst Lubitsch ( Trouble in my bedroom , 1932 , The Merry Widow , 1934 ) and the thrillers and horror films of Rouben Mamoulian ( The streets of the city , 1931 , The Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ( 1932 ). Instead, the music could not compare with those of the Metro .

In 1953 the company acquired all movie RKO Radio Pictures (Radio Keith Orpheum), acquiring all copyright on all RKO films.This film production company was the first to contribute to the creation of dubbing , because with the arrival of talkies, had to translate these dialogues into all languages ​​of foreign countries in which the films were exported.