Mickey Mouse (also Mickey Mouse and / or Mickey Mouse ) is a character fictional series of the same name, emblem of the company Disney . Created in 1928 , this anthropomorphic mouse has a disputed origin. The official legend says was created by Walt Disney during a trip in train , and that his original name was Mortimer , but changed to Mickey at the request of his wife, Lillian. According to Bob Thomas, the legend of the name is fictitious, and cites the case of a character named Mortimer Mouse was born in 1936 , uncle of Minnie Mouse . The most plausible is that the character was created by cartoonist Ub Iwerks , to Disney’s request to compensate the loss of the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit , at the hands of Universal . The truth is that Mickey is just a variation of the character of Oswald. 2 A Walt Disney must be attributed as the voice of the character (voiced him for 17 years) and the personality and character of the mouse:

His head was a circle with another circle as a muzzle. His body was like a pear and had a long tail, his legs were tubes and got into the big shoes to give the appearance of a boy with his father’s shoes.

The Walt Disney Company celebrates the birth of Mickey on November 18 of 1928 , following the release of Steamboat Willie , the first short cartoon sound, and third appearance of the mouse. 3 Walt Disney voiced the character from 1929 until 1946 , when it was replaced by the soundman Jimmy MacDonald. Since 1983 the voice is Wayne Allwine. Over the years Mickey has appeared in cartoons, comics , video games , and has become the icon of the company Walt Disney .