Lovetimes Radio is an online radio station where you can tune in to listen to your favourite love tunes. What’s better is that you can discover some new artists and new love tracks to sing to your partner on Lovetimes radio!

Meaning & Logo History

Lovetimes Radio LogoThe Lovetimes Radio logo was not designed overnight. Several days and nights were spent to design the perfect logo for the radio stations, which solely play love songs. The first draft was rejected, and several new designs and changes were made to arrive at the final logo design that you see now.

The makers decided to keep it simple and straightforward to help convey to the public what the radio station stands for. One look at the logo, and you can tell that it is a romantic music station. In keeping with the colour of love, the logo has been designed primarily using the color of love – red.


The symbol of the Lovetimes Radio is two hearts merged, which mainly showcase how two partners’ heartstrings and lives are entwined with each other as they fall deeper in love. The symbol is perfect for a romantic radio station that plays Romantic music from all around the World. The symbolises that there is no pure and true feeling of the feeling of love.

Lovetimes Radio Wallpapers

The Lovetimes Radio station logo does not use any border. It consists simply of two hearts merged with each other with the name of the radio stations written in bold white color to stand out from the other side red color of the logo and the blue color of the background. The white color does its job of catching the attention of the visitor immediately, perfectly. Underneath the Lovetimes headline, romantic music hits have been written red, to tell the visitors a little more about the radio station.

LOVETIMES RADIO in blue background

Lovetimes Radio Image while playing songshe background color has been kept a solid dark blue color to make the logo pop. The logo is mainly designed with two colors white and red. The red has been used for coloring the two hearts, and the tagline of the Lovetimes Radio and the color white has been used to draw the focus to the name of the radio station.

Only two colors have been used in the logo because the red stands for love and white stand for purity. The two colors, along with the design of the logo, perfectly translate what the radio station stands for – spreading the love by playing international love songs.

Download Lovetimes Radio Logo

Click here to download Lovetimes Radio Wallpapers and logos here.

Lovetimes Radio icon in white background