Lancôme Logo – Lancôme is a brand of products cosmetics created on 21 February 1935 by Armand Petitjean, perfumer in Paris. The name is chosen for its sound “very French” (like Vendôme or Brantome). The brand launch was done through the creation of five scents presented during the World Exposition in Brussels: Tropics, Tender Nights, Kypre, Groves and Conquest. To symbolize the activities of its brand, Armand Petitjean chose the rose (for perfume), the angel (for makeup) and the flower of lotus (for care).

Since 1964 , Lancôme is part of L’Oreal in the Luxury Products Division. And when we asked Armand Petitjean why he created Lancôme, this is what he replied: “Because I had had occasion to note that the French had less and less in the field of cosmetics. Two U.S. companies took control of the global market. I thought there was a French house starts in the running.” Lancome is now the world’s leading brand of selective perfumery.