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Kleenex is a brand name for a variety of products such as handkerchiefs, disposable toilet paper, paper towels and diapers. Kleenex is a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark. Products Kleenex are manufactured in 30 countries and sold in more than 170. Tissues produced by Kimberly-Clark are made ​​of a material invented by this company during the First World War, called “cellucotton”. They were originally used in gas masks, as a replacement for cotton, as was required in the garment industry.

kleenex logo

Kimberly-Clark Corporation created the first facial tissue in 1924 and announced as a product for cleaning makeup and cream. A few years after its introduction, the company received letters from customers suggesting its use against the common cold and allergic rhinitis. In the 1930s, their use as tissue spread, so the company created the slogan “Do not Carry a Cold in Your Pocket” (“do not take cold in your pocket”).
kleenex logo font

The product’s popularity has meant that in some countries the word Kleenex is used to refer to any tissue, regardless of brand. In these countries, Kleenex is a brand that has passed into common use. Some dictionaries, such as Oxford, have included the word defining it as such.

Kleenex Logo Symbol

kleenex tissue logo

The Kleenex Logo symbol has grown very unique ever-since its incorporation. The first-ever symbol was incorporated in 1924 which lasted up to 1932 and since then the company has been doing some variation in the logo. Initially, the company kept the symbol simple with a very simple color combination. In 1961 the company varied their logo and they incorporated a very unique symbol color.

The symbol that the company uses is light blue in color and the letters are forming a curve depicting softness of the product.

Kleenex Logo Fonts

kleenex logo png

The Font of the Kleenex logo is Montauk Pro Bold font, the color of the fonts is light blue. Earlier the fonts that the company used were black in color and the letters were in capital form. Now the fonts are pretty simple and classy in look and the letters are written in a cursive form with the first letter ‘K’ in capital form. The Name of the brand is the addition of Cleanly+ness= Kleenex. 

Kleenex Logo Emblem


The Emblem that the company uses, has the name of the brand ‘Kleenex’, which actually represents cleanliness which is the brand’s message behind that. The color of the emblem is blue. The brand doesn’t use any particular background.