Guinness Logo – Guinness is a stout type dry stout first brewed by the brewer Arthur Guinness in the brewery called St. James’s Gate Brewery located in the city of Dublin, Ireland. Guinness is produced since 1759. The beer is based on the style porter, which originated in London in early 1700. This is one of the best known beer brands and exported to most countries. It has come to beat many imitators. The distinguishing feature is the taste barley roasted which remains unfermented. For many years part of the beer was aged to give a flavor lactic, but Guinness has resigned confirm if this keeps happening. The thick, creamy foam is a result of a mixture of nitrogen added in the packaging.

Guinness is a special case, where a brand of alcoholic drink made ​​by a private company has come to identify the soul of a nation. Guinness in Ireland is an institution in its own right, even to symbolize the Irish people. Currently and since 1997 belongs to the multinational Guinness brewery Diageo based in London, resulting from the merger of Guinness UDV and Grand Metropolitan plc.

The beer was founder Arthur Guinness started in the development of ales initially in Leixlip, the company called St. James’s Gate Brewery, Dublin, Ireland on December 31, 1759. He signed a lease for an abandoned brewery for 9,000 years at £ 45 per year. In the museum of the Guinness Factory in Dublin, you can see the rental agreement. Ten years later in 1769 Guinness exported their product for the first time, when sent six barrels of beer in England.

It has come to believe that this beer was the first to lead the kind stout. However, the first documentary reference in relation to a stout Guinness was a letter in the manuscript Egerton dated in 1677, almost about 50 years before Arthur Guinness was born. The first use of the word stout in the context of Guinness stout was his- Porter in 1820. Guinness produced its first beer porter in 1778.

The brewery Guinness brewery in Park Royal, London closed in the year 2005. The production of Guinness sold in the UK and St. James’s Gate Brewery Dublin. People in Britain knew that the beer brewed in Ireland had a nice flavor that developed in London. Guinness breweries pioneered the establishment and continuous improvement of quality control. This is even hired William Sealy Gosset, who published his research under the name “Student”, one of the most famous and universally known works is the Student’s t distribution is known as the Student t test.