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The Organization of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is a specialized agency of the United Nations. Founded on November 16 of 1945 with the aim of contributing to peace and security in the world through education, science, culture, and communications. The constitution signed that day came into force on 4 November of 1946, ratified by twenty countries is based in Paris, and its current CEO is Irina Bokova, a national of Bulgaria. UNESCO has 195 Member States and 8 associate members.

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It is dedicated to guiding people in the more effective management of their own development through natural resources and cultural values and in order to modernize and advance to the nations of the world, without thereby missing the identity and cultural diversity. Unesco has a vocation pacifist, and among many things is directed more particularly to support literacy. In education, the agency gives priority to the achievement of elementary education adapted to current needs. Collaborate with teacher training, family planners, and housing, educational administrators, and encourages the building of schools and provision of equipment necessary for operation.

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Cultural activities seek to safeguard the cultural heritage by encouraging the creation and creativity and the preservation of cultural institutions and oral traditions and the promotion of books and reading. In terms of information, UNESCO promotes the free flow of ideas by media, promotes press freedom and independence, pluralism and diversity of the media, via the International Programme for the Promotion of Communication.

Unesco Logo Symbol

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The Unesco logo consists of three parts, a temple, the name of the organization in between the temple, and below is the full form of the organization. The official logo is Unesco is not written alone it always has short text written on the right-hand side.

The Official logo of the company was adopted in 1883 and it was revised in 1967 in Stockholm.

Unesco Logo Fonts

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The fonts used for the name which is at the center of the institution are black in color and all the letters are in capital formation. It consists of Unesco silgla in white sans-serif fonts. The full form of the organization’s names uses very simple fonts, each letter of the sic words are in capital formation and it makes the font look graceful.

Unesco Logo Emblem

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The emblem of the official logo is a temple, in which the name of the organization is written. The emblem symbolizes the results of human skills and inspiration.