Schwan-STABILO is a manufacturer of German pens, crayons, cosmetics as well as fluorescent labels for office use. is the largest manufacturer of fluorescent markers, the Stabilo Boss. The Schwan-stabilo logo is one of the legendary logos that you will ever see.

Schwan-Stabilo Logo


The company was founded with the name Bleistiftfabrik Grossberger and Kurz (pencil company) in Nuremberg in 1855 and was acquired by the family Schwanhäusser in 1865. Taking the first part of the name, the company was renamed Schwan Bleistiftfabrik and began using the logo of the swan as one of the first trademarks.

In the 30′s, it was extended to cosmetic pencils and this part of the business has become a significant element of the company since the 70′s. In 1967 started a joint venture of Germany – Malaysia called Swan Malaysia Sdn Bhd in Malaysia. The company changed its name to Schwan-STABILO STABILO International in 1976 and 2005.

It has three factories pens, one in Weissenburg in Bayern, Germany, one in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and since 1991 one in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic. Cosmetic pencils are manufactured in the company’s headquarters in Heroldsberg, Germany, and the Czech Republic and sold as OEM, but not under the brand STABILO.

In 2006 the total number of employees was 3000 persons, and the company earned 260 million euros this year. STABILO introduced fluorescent markers to highlight in 1971 and is the European market leader in this product category.Schwan-Stabilo Logo

Schwan-Stabilo Logo and its Features

Schwan-Stabilo has a very unique logo with a very minimal and clean look. However, the logo is quite different from what the brand sells. As mentioned above, Stabilo is a manufacturer of pens, crayons, cosmetics as well as fluorescent labels for office use. However, no element represents what the brand sells. 
Schwan-Stabilo Logo

Just like most of the logos, the Schwan-Stabilo logo is the composition of two elements – the brand icon and brand name. It has a Swan enclosed in a circular ring with the brand name aligned at the right side of the icon on the same plane. The company used a high contrast color combination with red in the background and white color in the foreground.
Schwan-Stabilo LogoSchwan-Stabilo logo has two different versions that it uses in different places depending upon the requirement. Apart from the logo described above, it has a different version that has a swan in red color with the brand name in black color. The complete version has a transparent or white background.

Just like any other professional logos, Stabilo also uses a customized font that has been designed specifically for the brand.

Download the Official Logo of Schwan-Stabilo

If you want to download the Schwan-stabilo logo of the brand, you can download both versions of the logo here.

Schwan-Stabilo Logo