Red Bull is an energy drink distributed by the company Red Bull GmbH . In 2006, sold more than 3,000 billion cans in 130 countries. It is native to Thailand , the company’s main office is in Mexico . The drink’s slogan is “Red Bull gives you wings.”Red Bull Energy Drink is a carbonated beverage that contains mostly water , sugar ( saccharin , glucose ), glucuronolactone , caffeine , and various vitamins ( niacin , taurine , pantothenic acid , B6 and B12 ). According to the manufacturer the beverage has rejuvenating and detoxifying effect as well as properties that increase the physical and mental speed power. It is a functional drink, not to quench thirst, which was intended for consumption in times of high physical demands and mental such as very long highway that can induce sleep in busy days before practice a physical activity or excessive wear before an exam. Still, many consumers tend to drink mixed with alcohol, which can cause health problems.

As recommended by European standards, on cans of Red Bull clearly reads “high caffeine content (32 mg/100 ml).” In other words, the caffeine content of a can of 250 ml corresponds to 80 milligrams or for a cup of coffee percolator.
It has now launched the new drink, Red Bull Energy Shot, which comes in a 60ml bottle with a higher percentage of caffeine added (80mg/60ml).

The energizing drink has crossed borders, and expanded the empire to major industries such as entertainment, sports and some extreme sports. The brand presence is felt in international events themselves as Red Bull Air Race, Red Bull X-Fighters and Red Bull Skateboard. The company owns the football team Red Bull New York of Major League Soccer American (over their stadium Red Bull Arena ) and the Austrian Red Bull Salzburg of the Bundesliga Red Bull Racing in Formula 1 active, with two teams of their own, Red Bull Racing and Scuderia Toro Rosso , with one in NASCAR, and personal sponsorship to several pilots.