Polo Ralph Lauren Logo – Ralph Lauren , born Ralph Lifshitz ( New York , 14 October 1939 ) is an American fashion designer who is best known by its brand ” Polo by Ralph Lauren ‘ . Lauren studied economics at City College in Manhattan , USA , but recently gave up his studies to receive the diploma. Meanwhile, during his studies, Ralph worked as a glove salesman, and later for a tie manufacturer named A. Rivetz & Co.. This inspired him to design his own ties to what the beginning of his career in fashion would be.

In 1967 he opened his first store ties. Then came his first full men’s collection in 1968 , and in 1971 Ralph introduced his women’s line. Lauren focuses not only on fashion, through its Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation , he also interior stuff, paint, furniture on the market and runs his own restaurant in Chicago . Around the year 1997 Lauren sold for over $ 5 billion a year, had 155 stores worldwide, with over 3000 employees. The power of Lauren on $ 1 billion.