The Parma Football Club is a football club in Italy , the city of Parma in the region of Emilia-Romagna . It was founded in 1913 and plays in the Serie A Italian. In 2004, the club was renamed to FC Parma, leaving the AC Parma , the official name used by the entity during its most successful years (the entire decade of the years 1990 and first two years of the 2000 ). The Parma debuted in Serie A in 1990 and quickly established himself as one of the best Italian clubs of the decade. In the 2008-2009 season comes down to Serie B rise rapidly making for the 2009-2010 season by finishing in second place.

On July 27th of 1913 , in Parma, was born in Verdi Football Club (dedicated to the musician of the same name), was renamed after the 16 December of 1913 , in Parma Football Club. Since its inception in 1929 , the club played between the First and Second Division, but then at the end of the season 1928-1929 he got his first promotion to Serie B . For years, the team moves between the second and third division. In the years ’70 and ’80 sandwiched in different seasons in Serie C up to four promotions to Serie B (1972 – ’73 1978 – ’79 1983 – ’84 and 1985 – ’86 with Arrigo Sacchi as coach .) At the end of the Serie B 1989-1990, comes the great goal: the conduct of Nevio Scala, reaching 4th place and is promoted to Serie A .

In his first season in the Premier League gets the 6th place (although level on points with 5 th place Torino ) and clasificasion the UEFA Cup . The following year was the 7 place and won his first trophy, the Coppa Italia , defeating, in a double final to Juventus (1-0 loss in the first leg 2-0 in the round wins the title). But lost 2-1, the Italian Super Cup against Milan . In the third year in the top gets its first podium (3rd place), but something even better waiting for him, gets his first international title: the Cup Winners Cup . Also get the European Super Cup . The following year he returns to reach the final of the Cup Winners Cup but this time lost at the hands of Arsenal in the championship ends 5 °. In the next season gets finishing runner-up in the league behind the Juventus , reached the final of the Coppa Italia , but lost against Juventus and Italian Super Cup lost against those of Turin , but manages to overcome in the final of the UEFA Cup . After three years without trophies get two in one year: the UEFA Cup in 1999 and the Italian Cup the same year. Get after three attempts the Italian Supercup . Two years later lost despite consecrate level champion for the third time in the Italian Cup by defeating Juventus . Lose the Italian Super Cup against an old acquaintance, Juventus, thus addressing end in 5 (2 Glasses Italy , 2 Italian Super Cups and a UEFA Cup ).

That’s the last season that sees Parma champion, after two consecutive finals and 5 th in the league is saved from decline in Play-Off against Bologna . The following year, Parma finished 10th, but the judgments of the CAF Calciopoli on the case led to a 7 th place, and then back to the UEFA Cup . The following season saw the Parma reach 12 th place, after long struggle to escape relegation. But then returns to the Serie B after losing the last match against Inter to victory Milaneses the Champions devoted to Parma defeat relegates him to 19 th place at which it descends.

The yellow and blue, however, gets the 2nd place in the Serie B , immediately recovers the category. Back in the First Division in season 2009-2010 , Parma came to 8 th place, fighting for a spot on the clasificasion into Europe.